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Discover and Share The Beaverdale Farmers Market!

The Beaverdale Farmers Market opens tonight, June 4th, at 4:30 and kicks off a fun and exciting summer of live music, creative crafts and delicious homemade and home-grown foods! And we want YOU to share your experience with us! One way to discover the Beaverdale Farmers Market

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Des Moines Live Music Every Tuesday!

Do you enjoy Des Moines live music by local musicians and bands? The Beaverdale Farmers Market invites you to explore our calendar for the summer season. We have a variety of amazing local talent who will be performing for us every Tuesday evening.  If you’re looking for a

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The Beaverdale Farmers Market Starts June 4th!

With spring here, we are all ready to be out and about, especially after our extended winter. There are many great things to do in our busy city, and if you are like most, the weekends are preplanned with household commitments.  Are you searching for a relaxing

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Are You A Possible Farmers Market Vendor?

Are you looking for a new and exciting farmers market to offer your produce, baked goods or crafts? Come check out the Beaverdale Farmers Market!  Located in the heart of the beautiful Beaverdale neighborhood in Des Moines, we are offering a new Tuesday evening experience with food,

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ARTICLE: Beaverdale Farmers Market New Location

Press Release for Beaverdale Living Magazine – Beaverdale Farmers Market New Location It’s farmers market season, and Beaverdale is in the metro market mix for a second year. The Beaverdale Farmers Market opens Tuesday, June 4 at a new location: 3422 Beaver Avenue, with easy access and

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ARTICLE: The Sidewalk – Beaverdale Neighborhood Association

des moines farmers market

Beaverdale Farmer’s Market In New Location In Des Moines, Iowa! The Beaverdale Farmers Market opens for business on June 4 at its new site: 3422 Beaver Avenue, south of Boesen the Florist. The market will be open every Tuesday from 4:30 to 7:30 through September 17.  Beaverdale

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