RECIPES: August 16

Try a mix of flavors for a light summer supper or appetizer. The ingredients can be found at Beaverdale Farmers Market produce vendors: many have zucchini and basil and others have peaches and may still have strawberries.  Bread is available from Coeur Bread or Homemade Baked Goods by Kristina, and sometimes from Cinful Creations.

Summer-toastsFirst, make a simple basil oil with fresh basil and olive oil, blended in a food processor. Slice the bread or rolls from foccacia or other crusty bread. Gently spread or drizzle basil oil on the bread, top with sliced zucchini and strawberries, season lightly with salt and pepper and broil on low for 10 minutes. Top with fresh basil and rosemary. Another option pictured is to spread a soft cheese on the bread, then top with white peaches and heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil. This inventive chef finished with a drizzle of lavender honey on top.

Produce Vendors at Beaverdale Farmers Market

Produce Vendors at Beaverdale Farmers Market

The produce vendor list (right) with links can be found on the market website.