Beaverdale Farmers Market is using a new app to connect with neighbors and customers; it’s called FarmFan.
If you’ve visited the BFM website recently, you’ve seen a pop-up that says “Get Market Day Notifications.” Here’s how it works:
1) Register to be a FarmFan
First, enter your email address, then on the second screen, enter your phone number to complete the registration.  This allows you to receive one text message per week from #54459 as a reminder and info/specials for that week’s market.

2) Visit the market on Tuesday and check-in with the passcode posted at the market

We will post an easy passcode each week at the market information area (on the east side of the market space, near the new shed). Text the passcode to 54459 to check in.  We’ll have rewards for people who visit the market regularly. Stay tuned for more info on rewards.

No worries if you don’t sign up in advance; just text the passcode at the market and you’re officially a BFM Fan!

Lastly, once you’ve signed up online, the pop-up no longer appears in the browser.

If you have questions about the app or signing up, email us: [email protected]