Meadow BlazingStar Honey


Catherine Rihm and Andy Joseph of Meadow BlazingStar Honey know their bees.

Joseph has been working with bees and honey for 18 years.  It started out as a hobby in Kentucky, and over the years Joseph and Rihm have become obsessed with their bees, and moved right to Beaverdale.

They have about 100 hives with bees.

“We can proudly say that all of the honey and all of the beeswax is all from our own hives,” Joseph said, “It’s kind of a rare think for farmers marketers to be able to say.”

The beeswax comes from the way that they get the honey from the hives.  Rihm melts down the wax from the extraction and cleans it.  The cleaned beeswax can then be used in candles, lip balms, or bars of pure wax.

Meadow BlazingStar Honey has been with the Beaverdale Farmers Market for five years, and their favorite thing about the market is seeing all of the familiar faces.