Amazing! Big Daddy’s BBQ Applelicious sauce on a burger at the Beaverdale Farmers Market.

Ike “Big Daddy” Seymour was born in Miami and moved to Des Moines in 1957, where he met and married his wife Arnzie. But it wasn’t until he opened his first barbecue restaurant in the 1980’s that he became a master “Q” man and the purveyor of the tastiest and spiciest barbecue sauces on planet Earth.

He counted among his customers President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore and a long list of politicians, celebrities and journalists who, by word-of-mouth, made a stop at Big Daddy’s essential when they passed through Des Moines.

In the early 1990’s, Big Daddy began bottling and selling his barbecue sauces in local stores. They were an immediate sensation, and his legend grew as barbecue connoisseurs began sending bottles to their friends around the world.

Throughout the city, Ike “Big Daddy” Seymour was well known as one of Des Moines’ most charismatic and charitable residents. He never stopped giving to and fund-raising for the Food Bank of Iowa, his favorite charity, raising and donating thousands of dollars to feed those in need.

Big Daddy himself subsided in 2004 and now his son, Ike,  has continued the tradition of making those finger licking sauces.  Big Daddy produces products made from all natural ingredients and savory spices, and with no preservatives or additives. We offer our products in a variety of flavors (from very mild (not hot at all) to extremely hot) and last, they are sealed with perfection and a flavor that will make your taste buds say “Delicious.”
Choose from:
Traditional Flavors-Mild and Mild Hot BBQ Sauces
Apple Flavors- Applelicious Mild and Applelicious Hot
Spicy Flavors-Lava Q, Fire and Brimstone, Big Daddy’s Revenge, and  Liquid Firer.

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