Established in 2010, Little Heathen’s is an artisan jam propriety in Des Moines. Heather Littlejohn, owner and jam-maker,  uses small businesses and local farms to make her products. These recipes showcase the culinary ambition of a Foodie! Jams are not just for toast; anyone can make something good into something great with Little Heathen’s!

Natural ingredients and organic cane sugar are used in all Little Heathen’s recipes. No corn syrup and no GMOs! Gourmet herbs and spices are used from a local culinarium or Heather’s own garden. The pectin used for gelling is 100% organic citrus pectin. Using organic citrus pectin means half the sugar and a beautiful product every time!

The babes shown on our brand are Heather’s daughters, Gabriella & Zoe at 11 monLHGJams-labelths.  They had a rough start in life and were born with cerebral palsy.  They are now 22 years old and living independently.  To the Littlejohns, the term “special needs” are not dirty words.  It means finding a way to do things differently than the average family.Heather started making jams and fruit butter for fun and gave it to relatives for gifts.  Sweet Heat Jam was her first invention and the family begged for more. Little Heathen’s Gourmet Jams was born.