2020 Vendors

Dates, Time, and Location of the 2020 Beaverdale Farmers Market

Beaverdale Farmers Market had a very successful 2020 Season.  Here is a list of all of our vendors, first with the vendor of the week, and then any of our remaining vendors.  The links will direct you to their website or Facebook page if you are interested

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Customer Market Rules

Market Rules We are happy to have so many customers for our market. We have been working on how to make sure that when a large number of customers arrive at the same time the CDC’s COVID-19 rules are maintained.  When the rules are not followed the

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Vendor resources available!

The 2020 Annual Iowa Farmers Market Association workshop was held Saturday, February 8th in Des Moines. The Iowa Farmers Market Association website contains lots of useful information for vendors. http://www.iafarmersmarkets.org The Northeast Iowa RC&D  is another website that has some great ideas for vendors with downloadable pdf

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