Iowa Winery at Beaverdale Farmers Market

If you enjoy wine, stop by and see TownsEnd Winery. Tuesday afternoons they will bring six or seven different wines for tasting. Once you find one you enjoy, take it home with you! If you need a reason to get out of town, head out to Hansell, Iowa to enjoy views of the TownsEnd vineyard and farmland. You can enjoy the tasting room and relax on the patio.

Iowa Winery

TownsEnd recommends their Harvest Red, if you enjoy the blended Malbec, this medium bodied option might be for you. With hints of dark chocolate and toffee, it’s delicious with steak or grilled pork. If you prefer a medium sweet, Frontenac Wine is a great option. There are hints of cherry, plum and toffee and is similar to a Grenache. Concord Wine is another great choice, for those who like a country-style red. Gooseberry is the best selling wine from TownsEnd Winery. It offers a perfect blend of sweetness and tartness. Cranberry is another specialty, the fresh cranberries come from Wisconsin. The Aronia Berry is a healthy option for those interested in antioxidants. Black Raspberry Wine has become the “Best Loved” and offers hints of vanilla and chocolate.

Who’s ready to try some? We hope you will join us tonight!