Beaverdale Farmers Market

Vendor Information

Want to become a vendor at our market? Read our vendor rules below. After, fill out an application and we will be in touch!

2023 Vendor Registration Is Open!

To become a vendor

Please carefully follow these steps

Read Vendor Handbook

Please carefully read our Vendor Handbook which sets the guidelines and regulations for vendors at our market.

Read Tutorials

Please read these two tutorial documents on vendor setup and how to upload your license.

Submit Application

Its time! Use the link below to access our ManageMyMarket application. After we receive your application, we will reach out to you with more information.

Vendor Benefits

By becoming a vendor at the Beaverdale Farmers Market, you are opening up a new world of opportunities for your business.

Direct Customer Interaction

Our market provides an excellent platform to connect directly with customers, allowing you to build personal relationships and receive immediate feedback on your products.

Marketing and Brand Exposure

Our market attracts a diverse range of visitors specifically seeking local, artisanal, and high-quality products. This exposure can significantly enhance your brands visibility and attract new customers.

Fun and Festive Atmosphere

Our market is a vibrant, festive, and family-friendly event. By becoming a vendor, you get to be part of this lively atmosphere, adding to the overall excitement and enjoyment for both customers and vendors alike.

Current Vendors

Our market hots a variety of vendors. We welcome all local farmers and small business owners to participate in our lively market.

3 Bean Bakehouse Logo and vendor feature
3 Bean Bakehouse


3 Bean Bakehouse is a family-operated microbakery in West Des Moines, Iowa. They specialize in crafting a delightful assortment of both sweet and savory pastries. 

Shivers Farms

Local Farm

Shivers Farms offers a variety of fresh items including fresh farm pork, beef, and eggs ensuring that families enjoy the highest quality products straight from their farm.

Sook’s Korean Kitchen mission is to bring smiles to your face through their Korean cuisine. Their fantastic food truck offers top-notch Korean delicacies that are guaranteed to leave you craving for more.

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